1. Universal Christian Ministries believes Christianity is not rigid endurance of rules and regulations. It is not about compliance over duress, nor is it about fear of eternal judgment.

2. UCM believes Christianity is about a relationship that transcends human capabilities; about a friend above all friends who will not leave us nor forsake us, so great is His faithfulness. Christianity is about a man, Jesus who gave His life that we might live; waiting patiently for us to let him into our hearts so that He may establish that perfect bond with us. Such is His love for us.

3. All members of the UCM including the Board of Trustees are equal in every respect before God and must accept and conduct their life in strict accordance to the Teachings of Christ.

Our purpose as the principal body is as follows:

To provide opportunities for worship of God as a fellowship of baptized believers, in the power of the Holy Spirit, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

1. To nurture Christian growth through preaching, teaching, caring and common fellowship via open air crusades, in-door revival services, mass media and pulpit ministry.

2. To promote true Christian love among our members in particular and mankind in general, and to be at peace with all men.

3. To actualize the building of a mega church in the United States of America dedicated to the glory of Jesus; planting of missions in every hemisphere while leading the lost in all Nations to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

4. To train, ordain and license candidates for the work of Gospel ministry.

5. To establish schools, Bible colleges and universities for education of UCM members and others who may wish to attend such institutions.

6. To establish business enterprises with the sole aim of providing viable employment and decent standard of living for UCM members and the local communities.

7. To promote charitable and humanitarian activities focused on “Feeding the Hungry”, “Helping the Needy” and Managing Home Health and Clinical facilities for disabled, elderly, orphans and disadvantaged children.

8. To ensure self-sufficiency, economic empowerment, and better quality of life among our members.

9. To affiliate with recognized international Christian organizations both locally and worldwide.

To achieve our mission, we strive towards:

F     Fellowship with Jesus Christ

E     Entrusting our Life to Jesus Christ

L     Living the Teachings of Jesus Christ

L     Lifting Higher the Body of Christ

O     One Outreach at a Time

W     Worshipping Him Alone

S     Saving Souls for Salvation

H     Helping the Needy and Hungry

I     Inspiring One Another

P     Proclaiming the Gospel to all Nations of the World